SNL's done something funny

I can't remember the last time something from Saturday Night Live made me laugh out loud. This one did.


Congratulations, Herbie Hancock

Herbie Hancock won a surprising Album of the Year Grammy last night, with his marvelous River: The Joni Letters. Herbie has had a wonderful and eclectic career in jazz, from his early work with Miles Davis, through his electric jazz success with Rockit, to the present day. Other Hancock works of note: Watermelon Man, a staple of high school jazz bands everywhere (and rightly so), and his love note to George Gershwin, Gershwin's World.

If you want to get the Album of the Year, here's an Amazon link: River: The Joni Letters (with Bonus Tracks) - Amazon.com Exclusive

Herbie, you're the best.

Happy birthday, Charles Darwin, Abraham Lincoln

February 12. Birthday of Abraham Lincoln, one of the most extraordinary politicians in the history of the United States. To see how extraordinary, I heartily recommend Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln, which documents how Lincoln built his cabinet with the very people who were his rivals for the Presidency. Obama and Clinton take note.

February 12. Birthday of Charles Darwin, the man who put science on the right track. Obviously, he wasn't correct in every detail, but don't let this derail you. His work is rightly venerated for pointing the way to a correct understanding of how we came to be. His birthday is now celebrated as Darwin Day, as explained at darwinday.org.


Yes, we can

Tired of negative campaign ads? Try a positive one for a change.

The New Jersey primary is this Tuesday. I would probably have voted for Chris Dodd, the hero of FISA, if he were still running. But I think I know which way I'm going now.

Get out and vote.