Beatles on the shuffle

Sometimes, I think my music shuffle is messing with my head.

My entire music library is on disk now, and my computer randomly shuffles through the tunes. I don't categorize anything other than by artist name. So, I assume the computer does not know that, say, John Lennon has any connection with the Beatles.

The last four songs have been:

  • The Beatles / Magical Mystery Tour
  • Paul McCartney / Coming up (live version, from All the Best)
  • John Lennon / Well well well (rehearsal version from a bootleg)
  • The Beatles / You really got a hold on me (live from Stockholm, from Anthology 1

I'm going to have to look into the Python random routine, which the moosic player uses.


Sydney, Australia

We're here.

I'm sending this via an internet kiosk in the hotel, so I'll write more when I get home.