For the first few entries, I need to experiment. Most of the blog entries will be about the blogging process itself, as I attempt through trial and error to find my own personal method.

I don't like blogger.com's post editor, at least with the version of Mozilla I'm currently using. Pressing the little bold and italic icons clear the text I had previously typed. This is the third time I've tried to write the Metablogging post.

I've resorted to the same method I always end up resorting to in web development -- typing in the HTML markup elements by hand. It's a control issue, and probably the same reason I ended up a programmer in the first place.

As a test of my linking abilities, here's a link to my home page at jimmyrussell.com.

The next blog entry will be a test of my "remote" capabilities. I walk around with a two-way Motorola pager hooked into Skytel. It has the ability to send outgoing emails, using a really tiny keyboard. Since blogger.com allows email updates, I'd like to see if I can update using the pager.

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