If I'm not here, it's Wikipedia's fault.

It's fairly obvious that blogging has not become an obsession with me. Let's see... I haven't checked in since March. For me, that's not bad.

A lot of my online time these days is spent contributing to Wikipedia. For those people who haven't encountered this yet, it's an encyclopedia inside a wiki, with no edit restrictions. In other words, anyone on the net can edit any page, either credited or anonymous. Short-term accuracy is always questionable, but most pages end up with concerned nannies watching for every edit and pouncing on incorrect information and vandalism.

All the regulars in this wiki, who have dubbed themselves Wikipedians, tend to gravitate into interest groups. I've ended up concentrating on musical theatre, certain favorite rock and roll performers, and chess. My two major contributions were articles on Harry Nilsson and Jack Gilford.

I encourage everyone to stop by the Wikipedia, and can guarantee that if you surf there for more than five minutes, you will end up editing something.


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