So the Series is set: Rockies vs Red Sox

I love October.

The baseball playoffs inevitably produce some of the most entertaining sports of the year. Of course, as an inveterate Yankees fan, I was disappointed by their first-round exit this year, but I never give up on the playoffs just because my team gets eliminated.

It's a given that, as a Yankees fan, I will root for anyone playing against the Red Sox. So I'm crushed yet again as Cleveland was eliminated tonight, but I have to say that watching Manny play the wall as if he were Yaz was entertaining. There's been some great plays in all the elimination rounds, and the Series should be a good one.

My prediction: Rockies in 5. The layoff wasn't long enough to derail the runaway train that Colorado is. At least I hope so.

Update: Obviously, not one of my better predictions. Much as I hate to admit it, Boston deserved the sweep. In the immortal words uttered by baseball fans the world over, "Wait'll next year!"

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