Roger Waters: It just came up on shuffle

I have most of my music collection digitized. From the vinyl LP's I purchased at Two Guys in the '70s to my latest CD's, they're all residing on /alt/media/music on my main server. So, I naturally randomly shuffle through the whole lot while I'm working/playing on the computer. What just came up was Roger Waters / "Who needs information", from the "Radio KAOS" album. I was forced by some subconscious process to turn the speakers up to 11.

"Radio KAOS" was probably considered a failure. I don't care. This is one of those albums that connected to my brain through some back-door direct connection, and I always consider it one of the most important albums of all time. (That, and Badfinger's "Say No More". Another commercial flop, by the way.)

No particular reason for posting this, other than the fact that it came up on my shuffle. I guess that if someone googles "Radio KAOS", that someone might end up here. Which would be cool.

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